Improving Korean status or Developing international popularity? (Part 1)

I think this is the main problem for most of the idol groups which already have some popularity in Korea. There are a lot of positive examples of developing international popularity but this can’t guarantee that every group will be successful both in Korea and in other countries. However, whether debuting in another country or … More Improving Korean status or Developing international popularity? (Part 1)

Devil Maknae Kyuhyun

I don’t know is this just my thought or it is really the truth that in many K-Pop groups, the youngest member is always ‘sarcastic’. Maybe it is because senior members always take care of younger members and ‘spoil’ them. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun is one of devil maknaes . He is the main vocal of … More Devil Maknae Kyuhyun

Idols and their idols

According to The Vancouver Observer, the stereotypical K-pop idol is “incredibly young, good-looking, and able to carry a melodramatic note.” (Wikipedia) Idols pass energy to teenagers and teenagers work hard to be more like idols. Idols nowadays actually have their own idols as well. They looked forward to their idols and they worked hard to … More Idols and their idols