Korean variety shows save Chinese entertainment industry?

In recent years, Chinese variety shows industry has developed a lot but if you search it online, you will find that nearly all the Chinese variety shows are imported from South Korea. During my high school period, there are only two shows that I expected to watch every week, but now, it is impossible for … More Korean variety shows save Chinese entertainment industry?

Immortal Songs

In my last post I introduced a new Korean music show program that started in 2015. In this post, I will introduce a music show program that has been on air for nearly 5 years – Immortal Songs. The basic format of this music show is inviting solo artists and main vocals from idol groups … More Immortal Songs

Diva Together

These four girls performed together at SBS Gayo Daejun 2015. Normally, an idol group consists of at least one main vocal who is really good at singing. Recently those singing experts are participating in different music shows that can show their singing talents. There are two music show programs I would like to introduce in … More Diva Together

Meat in the trap

Earlier today I accidently opened a YouTube video and now I am deeply trapped in this four-minute long video. The video is a funny version of Cheese in the trap, which is produced by SNL Korea. SNL Korea is adopted from American TV show Saturday Night Live. The Korean version started in 2011 and now … More Meat in the trap