Even though I posted before but this is my first time posting regularly and in English. At the very beginning I found it so difficult to write 300 words but gradually I have more to say and I can write more.

During blogging, I looked up a lot of words and because there are some words that are frequently used in K-Pop, I have already remembered them. For example, ceased activities with someone instead of stop activities with someone because ‘cease’ is more formal. I also learnt a lot of new words from Wikipedia because I need to check idols’ information.

When I just started blogging, I have a lot of topics to write about but gradually I realized that my knowledge about K-Pop is limited. So, I decided to do some special collections. For example, I introduced my one of my favourite idols – Super Junior. Here’s some posts:

I tried to post some deep-thought posts but when I started posting, I realized that I can’t. Most of my posts are just talking about basic information. I hope I can improve this a little bit in my future posts.

To be honest, sometimes I asked myself that is there anything meaningful to be so interested in K-Pop for 7 years. Even though I was crazy for K-Pop during high school, I didn’t know what I can get from it. Obviously I can’t find a job by loving K-Pop idols. But this term, I balanced my thought to some extent. I am not expert in any aspects. I watch movies but I don’t know how to analyse them; I listen to music but I don’t know any instruments. The only thing that I know is K-Pop. That is the reason why I chose to blog about K-Pop.

I hope you enjoy my blog and maybe become interested in K-Pop. I will continue posting and discover more K-Pop news.



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