Memories of Adam Couple in the show We Got Married

Today I would like to post one of the variety shows that I watch. Variety show is not my favorite in Korean entertainment but I will try my best to recommend the one I think is interesting.

Even though I am not watching this variety show now, I still want to introduce We got married. This show accompanied my whole junior 3rd grade when I was preparing for my senior high school entrance examination.

The show started in 2008 but it became popular in the end of 2009. The show pairs up 2 Korean celebrities, who act as a couple (there are normally 3 couples in one episode). They have different tasks to finish but basically, the process is:

  1. Two celebrities meet (in different situations with surprise)
  2. Gradually know each other and become familiar
  3. Know each other’s friends (or group member if the celebrity is from a group)
  4. Shoot wedding portrait and marry
  5. Become husband and wife and have a happy time (different travels and plans, for example, adding new sofa to their house)
  6. The couple say goodbye due to the show’s arrangement

It seems very boring if all the couples are doing the same things but the show always comes up with awesome ideas and designs the perfect tasks for different couples, which can stand out the celebrity’s character.

Many idols become famous after being in the show. For example, Victoria from F(x) – The girl group won the first prize for the first time after Victoria and Nichkhun from 2PM became a couple; Naeun from A-Pink – the girl group’s fan club members grew fast (recently their fan club ranking is only lower than Girl’s Generation) after she and Taemin from SHINee became a couple.

In this variety show, a couple always consists of a celebrity who is already famous and a celebrity who is still a rookie. My favorite couple is also like this. Adam couple, consisting of Ga In and Jokwon, started their couple life on 20th September 2009.

2009 is a year of girl groups. Brown Eyed Girls, where Ga In belongs to, also became one of the most famous groups in Korea that year. However, 2AM, where Jokwon belongs to, was still trying hard to increase their popularity. The We got married effect did help the group – 2AM won their first prize for the first time on 7th February 2010.


(Jokwon had been a trainee for 8 years before the debut and this was 2AM’s first win since their debut.)

But Adam couple is more than that. Jokwon and Ga In really look like a couple in We got married. There are too many couples that are both too shy and they are not natural enough. On 6th January 2011, the longest-time couple in the show posted a goodbye message on SNS.

The couple was too popular during We got married time so that they were even involved into the rumor saying that they are really dating.

Last year, Adam couple reunited on a TV talk show.

When the topic of Ga In’s relationship came up, Jokwon said, “The ‘Adam Couple’ still had many fans so I wanted to keep it going but the journey we had was ended abruptly as Ga In got in a relationship. The ‘Adam couple’ is probably the longest lasting couple. It went for around 1 year and 3 months. At that point, even I was confused whether it was friendship or if I really liked her. When you are involved in a dating rumor while you’re a virtual couple, it has a huge impact. At that point we both weren’t seeing anyone else.“

Ga In spoke about their off air relationship as well, saying, “During then, I forced myself not to call him even when I was curious about his whereabouts. I tried to keep it professional and enjoyed the situation much like a couple who only see each other on weekends would.”


You can see how the couple protect and take care of each other from the dialogues.


Here’s some collaboration tracks of Adam couple!

  • One member of Brown Eyed Girls wrote a song for the couple. The song records little things that they have already done – from their first meet to their wedding.


  • The Day of Confession, a gift to Ga In,written by Jokwon. On Jokwon’s first performing stage, Ga In gave him a surprise as well (she danced at the background from 2:30)


  • The couple covered troublemaker.

The interaction between Adam couple is so cute. I believe this is the reason why people love this couple so much.


Some collections of the couple’s funny moments:

  • Jokwon performs Brown Eyed Girls’ hit song Abracadabra.


  • The couple speak English in We got married.


  • I will end up this post with a GIF cutting from the video. Ga In was advertising her new solo album in Four-word talk where Jokwon was invited. Their dialogues are so cute^^



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