Wearing mini skirts equals to the shortcut to become famous?

After watching this video, you must have noticed that girl groups that used to wear T-shirts and jeans are all wearing high heels and mini skirts/shorts now. This is the new fashion trend indeed, but I think some of girl groups’ clothing is over.

More than seven-eighths girl groups in this video changed their clothing styles and even their concept. I will start with listing the groups that don’t change their original concept or change the concept but in an impressive way:

Sunny Hill – the group doesn’t belong to K-POP so to be honest I don’t think there are many differences between their debut song and latest song.

2NE1 – this is the only group that develops their original concept and I think there are two main reasons. First, they don’t need extra things to help them get attention as their music is so good; second, they have their own stylists to find the best match for each member. Besides, they are also collaborating with famous fashion designer Jeremy Scott.

4 Minute – the girls really amaze fans, especially in recent two years. I would say 4 Minute had their low tide period, (they couldn’t find the style that suits them; their junior group Apink’s popularity grew rapidly after they debut; one member Hyun A has her successful solo career;) but this didn’t depress them. Even though today some people are still calling this group “Hyun A and her dancers”, the group has already find what they need and what they are going to develop. Last year’s “Crazy” and this year’s “Hate” are both catchy and I am sure you will love the songs.

Miss A, Nine Muses and Sistar – I classify these three groups together because they are already sexy concept groups when they debut. Thus, it makes no sense judging them show more skin.

It is quite reasonable for senior groups like Girl’s Generation, KARA and Wonder Girls dress more mature because they have already tried teenager girls style between 2007 and 2010. Requiring them wearing students style clothing on the stage now is just as improper as requiring office ladies wearing T-shirts, jeans and trainers during working time.

However, I think nowadays some girl groups are showing too much skin. Starting with Girl’s Day (debut in 2010, click here to check their latest single), the trend of changing original style to sexy concept has become very common. After the release of “Expect” (2013), Girl’s Day is gradually known by people and “Something” (2014) helped the group won the Best Dance Performance by a Female Group at the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Also in 2014, another girl group AOA (debut in 2012, click here to check out their latest single) came back with a sexy concept and released “Miniskirt”. Later, the girls released “Short Hair” and “Like A Cat”. This did bring the popularity to the girls but it seems like their original band will disappear forever, as it didn’t make the girls famous.

However, not every girl group is as lucky as Girl’s Day or AOA. Many other groups tried sexy concept but they are still waiting for the chance. One example is Stellar (debut in 2011). Check out their energetic single “Study” (2013) first and then check out their “Marionette”, which was released only 7 months later. The group received criticism for their 19+ Music Video and performances of “Marionette”. They were even required to change dancing in the live because the original dancing is too sexy. This song became the group’s best selling single but their later songs didn’t have same popularity as “Marionette”.

Showing more skin is not what the girl groups want, but they have to do this because their entertainment companies believe this is the trend and this can rise the popularity.

I understand that K-POP market is very saturant now and girl groups are working very hard. But increasing Music Videos’ views by showing skin and having improper dance moves is not the best way to advertise their songs. Developing composing skills and creating own songs is more attractive. And even more, improving humor sense for variety show can also be helpful.


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