Infinite reasons to love Infinite

Today I will introduce Infinite, one of my favourite boy groups, in 5 reasons. But, I have to say, there are literally infinite reasons to love them.

  • Dancing

The group is known for its sharp and synchronized movements. In one variety show, the leader of the group explained that they even used rulers to help them dance exactly the same.


  • Solo and Unit

The company always provides chances where Infinite members can show their talents. The leader, Kim Sungkyu, has already released two solo albums. (Another Me and 27)

Another main vocal of the group, Woohyun, also has his solo in the Infinite album. Besides, Key from SHINee and he created the unit Toheart.

There are two rappers in Infinite. In 2012, the first official unit of Infinite was formed. Infinite H includes two members: Dongwoo and Hoya. If you want me to describe this unit, I would say: they are the rappers that are expert in dancing and singing.

In 2014, another official unit of Infinite was launched – Infinite F, including Sungyeol, L and Sungjong. Compared with cool Infinite H, this unit is cute and energetic.


  • Logos

Infinite’s logo is changing all the time. You can see that they put effort into their albums as they even pay attention to their logo.



  • Humor sense of variety shows

I think this group is talented in variety shows and many Infinite fans are originally attracted by their humor sense. I love watching their variety shows and I would like ro recommend three for you.

Infinite’s ranking king: every episode they compete for different topics

This is Infinite: having various tasks to show their personalities

Infinite’s showtime: this show just finished and I’ve been watching it since it started.


  • Members’ relationships

Fans always feel that idols groups are like brothers and sisters and they are best friends forever. Well, some idols are very good friends but more often, they are just colleagues who work in the same group.

But if you observe Infinite, you will notice that they get along with each other very well. I guess this is because they have been together for more than 8 years and they know each other very well. So they always create a moderate atmosphere when they are together.



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