Cast in the Cheese in the Trap

In our radio show we discussed a lot about the plots in the Cheese in the Trap, so today I would like to introduce more about the actors and actresses in the drama.


yoo jung

I will start with the leading character – Yoo Jung. This character is played by the senior actor Park Hae-jin. He will celebrate his 10th acting debut next month with fans. In his debut drama Famous Princesses, he played a small role but the role’s personality was deeply loved by audiences. As the highest viewership rating drama in 2006, Famous Princesses reached the peak rating at 44.4%. Park Hae-jin also won the 2006 Best New Actor Award.

This drama was also introduced to China in 2009. Just like all the teenagers who like Korean drama and music, I watched the drama and discussed the plots with my classmates during the next day’s lunch time. Because of the high popularity of the show, Park Hae-jin started his acting career in China. Till this year, he has played 6 Chinese dramas.

Even though he has a successful career in China, he never stopped his career in Korea. In 2013, he played a second leading male character in My Love from the Star, which is one of the most successful Korean dramas in recent years.

However, it was not until this year, when the Cheese in the Trap is on, that Park Hae-jin reaches his new peak career. I think this drama is the best present for his 10th anniversary. Not only because of the high viewership rating, but also because the main female actress is his ideal type. A lot of Cheese in the Trap fans are expecting the couple in the drama become the couple in real life in the future.


hong seol

Next one is the leading female character, also the most important character in the show – Hong Seol. The actress, Kim Go-eun, really does a great job in the drama. I keep thinking that she must come from the original webtoon. If not, how could she play this role so well 😛 Compared to Park Hae-jin, Kim Go-eun is a junior in this area. Cheese in the Trap is also her first try on television drama.

Kim Go-eun’s beauty is very different. She doesn’t have double eyelid (The thought “A beauty should have double eyelid” is very common in Asian people nowadays.) but you will discover her beauty when you watch more her films or more activities that she took part in. The way she talks and her behaviour are gorgeous. Another actress that I associate her with is a Japanese actress called Haru Kuroki. Both of them have the special Asian beauty.

When I was doing research for today’s post, I found that Kim Go-eun lived in China for 10 years. This surprised me. Later I watched her Chinese speaking on YouTube. I have to admit that her Mandarin is better than mine…



The second actor I will introduce is Seo Kang-jun, who played Baek In-ho in the drama. The actor belongs to 5urprise, which is the first Korean actor group. I know this actor through a variety show called Roommate, which is similar to the UK reality series Big Brother.

In the variety show, he introduced himself that he “studied in Malaysia for 2 years and spoke mostly English there” but when he visited their foreigner neighbour, it seems like he only has “basic English skills that do not require studying abroad”. Even his roommate Park Min-woo said: “Kang-jun said that he studied abroad in Malaysia for two years. But when he spoke in English it honestly made me wonder what he really did in Malaysia.”

Except this adorable little fact, Seo Kang-jun is an expert in playing the piano. This specialty is also widely used in his acting career. For example, Cunning Single Lady (from 1:40)  and Cheese in the Trap ( There is no piano cut yet as In-ho is still ‘re-learning’ the piano.)


euntaekNext two actor and actress are both from YG entertainment. The entertainment is known for its K-POP groups like Big Bang and 2NE1. But recently, the entertainment is also developing the drama area. Please check out SOCAR CM by Nam Joo-hyuk and Lee Sung-kyung.


Nam Joo-hyuk, who played Kwon Eun-taek in the Cheese in the Trap, started his career in YG entertainment’s musician duo AKMU’s music videos “200%” and “Give Love”. He was widely known as the Han Yi-an in Who are you: School 2015.

The other actress is Lee Sung-kyung. She plays the comical unnie Baek In-ha in the drama. She is absolutely a crazy woman in the drama but in the real life, she is a very out-going girl. Lee Sung-kyung is not only an actress; she is also a model who sings well. Last year, she joined the music show King of masked singer.


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