Improving Korean status or Developing international popularity? (Part 1)

I think this is the main problem for most of the idol groups which already have some popularity in Korea. There are a lot of positive examples of developing international popularity but this can’t guarantee that every group will be successful both in Korea and in other countries.

However, whether debuting in another country or not can influence the future of a group and it might change the whole working team. Therefore, entertainment companies always consider a lot and make a large number of surveys to research the potential popularity of the group.

Debuting in another country, normally including America, Japan and China, can bring a lot of profit if the debut is successful. Firstly, being known by more people increases group’s popularity; Secondly, because the album sales in Korea is limited, debuting and releasing albums in another country can increase the sales, especially in Japan; Thirdly, after having popularity abroad, groups can hold concerts outside Korea; Last but not least, since America and Japan are very advanced in music industry, standing at the stage of these two countries, to some extent, means that they will be concerned by more people all over the world.

Successful example includes:

Girl’s Generation debuted in Japan in 2010. Launched under SM Entertainment, Girl’s Generation consists of beauties with amazing voices and powerful dancing. It doesn’t make sense if they are not popular around the world. The company also chose the perfect time for the girls to do their debut.

After becoming the top girl group in Korea by the song Gee and Genie in 2009, they started their concerts which help them gradually expand their popularity. The girls have already had many fans when they debuted in Japan. They were also taught Japanese before the debut so they can talk fluently in Japanese shows.

Also, Girl’s Generation is always one of the most famous groups in China, so they don’t have to debut in China but there are a large number of fans who go to their concerts held in China and buy their albums.

Super Junior debuted in China in 2008. SuJu is one of the earliest groups that created units and launched a unit that is for developing Chinese market. When they debuted, there was a Chinese member, Han Geng, in the group. As a leader of Chinese unit, Han Geng worked very hard with his teammates to develop Chinese entertainment market.

Not only covering SuJu’s songs, Chinese unit also has their own songs. Later, this unit debuted in Koera as well and in SuJu’s world concerts, SJ-M, as a Chinese unit, also performs at the concerts.

Is it absolutely right to debut in another country or is there still risk? Please click here to find out more.


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