Radio Show Week 7 ~Music Show~

There are so many kinds of music shows in Korea and it is music that makes Korean entertainment industry so strong.

The most basic format of music show is music program such as KBS Music Bank. Every week idols and singers perform on this program and the song that has the most votes win the first prize. For most of artists, winning first prize is a symbol of success.

There are also competitions format program, which are similar to X factor. People participate into audition and compete for the first prize. One of the most popular program is K-pop Star. The program creates many new generations of artists such as Lee Hi.

The third format is also competition but it is the competition designed for singers who have already well known. One music program is called Immortal Song. In this program, singers perform legendary songs. The other program is called King of masked singer. In order to get rid of the influence of popularity, all the singers are required to dress up.

The final program is Show Me the Money. This is a rap competition program and it brings a lot of topics.


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