15 Korean dramas you need to watch

  • My love from star

This is the classic Korean drama in 2013. It becomes fashion for couples to order fried chicken with beer.

My love from star


  • Three days

The plot of looking for the president became the hot topic online.

Three days


  • You’re All Surrounded

The story is about four rookie criminal policemen.



  • Kill Me Heal Me

The male character has seven personalities.

Kill Me Heal Me


  • Cheese in the trap

I have more information about this drama. Please click here and here to check out.

Cheese in the trap


  • That Winter, the Wind Blows

Two people with loveless futures change each others live.



  • Gu Family Book

Kang Chi, a half-human and half-mythical being, must come to terms with his unique identity.

Gu Family Book


  • I Can Hear Your Voice

The story is about a high school boy who has supernatural ability and his story with female character. In my previous post, I introduced the male actor.



  • Master’s Sun

The story is about the stingy and greedy CEO and the gloomy female character.



  • The Heirs

The story is about the rich high school male character and poor female character.

The Heirs


  • Reply 1988

The background is in 1988 and the storyline is about 5 members in the family.

Reply 1988


  • Pinocchio

The story is about rookie journalists.



  • The Producers

The story is about producers in television Corporation.

The Producers


  • She was pretty

The story is about magazine editors.

She was pretty


  • Descendants of the Sun

The most popular Korean drama now. Here’s the link and enjoy!



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