SJ oppa’s magic weight losing skill

The reason why I love Super Junior so much is that they have different skills – they can sing, they can dance, they can host, they can perform… but this is not the most magic skill they have. The most amazing skill they have is that they can change their weight.

I don’t know should I say Shindong and Kangin are really good at self-control or really bad at self-control. They always lose weight before they come back with new albums and become very handsome. However, once the album activities are over, they don’t control any more and obviously they get weight.

If I could talk with them, I would like to ask them how to lose weight in such a short time but at the same time, I would say please take care of themselves because I guess they must work very hard.

Having been in entertainment area for more than 10 years, SJ oppas are no longer teenager idols and they are becoming more and more mature. The other day I watched a variety show on YouTube and it is about the day of Kangin. I have to say Kangin is more like having an ordinary lifestyle instead of a shining celebrity life. I think it is really good because there are a lot of fans supporting Super Junior and they are worldwide hallyu stars but they also have ordinary private life, which will not be disturbed by others.

To be honest, nowadays SJ is not on the TV shows as frequently as they were 5 or 6 years ago. I don’t know is this company’s strategy that more chances should be given to new groups or is this common sense for senior groups that they don’t have to be always on TV because they have already become famous.

All I want to say is I am so happy that Super Junior is still active and they still come back every year with many surprises. People always put too many expectations to idols and don’t allow them to date or have a personal life. However, idols are people as well and they need private life. For me, the most ideal relationship between idols and fans is that idols give a positive example to fans and encourage fans to be more optimistic when facing different problems. At the same time, fans give idols enough space to enjoy their private life.



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