Girl groups on the slippery stages

Nowadays, K-POP girl groups are always wearing high heels on the stages. It’s not easy to walk fast when people wearing high heels, needless to say dancing. I can understand that girls sometimes fall on the stages accidently because they are dancing with great effort. But I cannot understand why people still let the girls keep singing and dancing when the stage is slippery.

In 2015, there are at least two big fall accidents. One is GFriend slipped over NINE TIMES on stage during performance. It was raining and the stage was full of water. You can hear the sound when they fell on the stage. However, they kept trying their best to complete the performance. There were a lot of bruises on one of the girls’ feet.

The other accident is Sistar’s performance. They attended Hallyu Dream Concert on 20th, September 2015. They performed on the stage with oil. Two members almost fell during the dance. I was worried about them but then when I saw Hyolyn’s smiling face, I felt relief. The girls are awesome!!

The girls changed shoes after the first song and later they also re-performed the first song. Click here to check the fan camera which focused on Soyou, recording the whole performance and after the song.

(Soyou almost fell at 1:46, 2:37, 2:50, 3:22 and 3:51; Hyolyn at 2:42, 2:51 and 3:28)

I know idols sometimes might have to sacrifice their healthy lifestyles but I think it is not worthy when it is something that might influence their health and body. Fans feel bad if they are injured because of the job.

KARA_Lupin_Music_Core_20100306 (Seungyeon from Kara)150809_SISTAR_Shake_It_Live_Dasom_falls_on_stage_Accident (Dasom from Sistar)

high level of professionalism of K-POP girls groups



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