Radio Show Week 6 ~Variety Shows~

I used to watch a lot of Korean variety shows but now I only watch short variety shows that have less than 15 episodes. Long-term variety shows are interesting but because of my poor self-control, I am afraid that I will end up with watching the variety shows all day.

In my previous post, I introduced We Got Married and in our radio show, we also talked about it. Except this show, we also discussed other variety shows.

We started with Roommate. This variety show is similar to UK reality show Big Brother. I watched a few episodes of season 1 because 2NE1’s Bom was in the cast. I was not familiar with other casts till this year, when I watched Cheese in the Trap. Seo Kangjoon, who plays Baek Inho in the drama, was also a member of the show. I think Roommate is an interesting show because it gathered celebrities from various areas. Instead of being in the idol group all the time, idols get the chance to talk with boxing players and models.

We also talked about the Return of Superman. I didn’t watch this show before but I have a general idea of this format because I watched Dad! Where are we going?, which is also about a dad takes care of his child/children. People love the show because babies are so cute and dads are busy with cooking and taking care of those babies.

Another show we discussed about was Hello Counselor. 4 hosts and 4 celebrities invite a citizen to talk about his or her worries. I watched two episodes before. One is a citizen’s roommate who eats insects; the other one is a girl whose mother doesn’t allow her to eat ramen.

There are so many variety shows in Korean entertainment. I will list my Top 5 must watch Korean variety  shows:

  1. Strong Heart
  2. Hello Baby
  3. Weekly Idol
  4. I Live Alone
  5. Intimate Notebook

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