Idols and their idols

According to The Vancouver Observer, the stereotypical K-pop idol is “incredibly young, good-looking, and able to carry a melodramatic note.” (Wikipedia)

Idols pass energy to teenagers and teenagers work hard to be more like idols. Idols nowadays actually have their own idols as well. They looked forward to their idols and they worked hard to be a new generation idol. It is not difficult to find that a lot of idols are standing on the stage with their idols recently.

  • Sandara Park (2NE1) – Lee Hyori

Dara is a member of Lee Hyori’s fan club. In the variety show, Dara said that she went to the airport when Hyori visited Philippines.darahyori


  • Sungkyu (Infinite) – Nell

Sungkyu is a big fan of Nell. He auditioned at Woollim Entertainment because Nell is in the Woollim Entertainment.



  • Key (SHINee) & Tiffany (Girl’s Generation) – BoA

Many SM entertainment idols are BoA’s fan. BoA debuted in 2000 at the age of 13. Her songs and fashion styles became a mark and teenagers are crazy for her.



  • Ryeowook (Super Junior) & Yunho (TVXQ) – S.E.S

They are fan club members of S.E.S. Probably this is the reason why Ryeowook entered in SM Entertainment. Check out Ryeowook’s cover of S.E.S’s I’m Your Girl.


  • Minah (Girl’s Day) – Yunho (TVXQ)

Minah is a big fan of TVXQ and in 2014, both Girl’s Day and TVXQ were advertising their title song Something. It is reported that fangirl stands at the same stage with her idol TVXQ.


  • Lee Gikwang (Beast) – Rain

Gikwang used to be a trainee in JYP Entertainment, where Rain used to belong to. Check out this video. Gikwang is very polite when he saw Rain.


  • IU – Taeyang

IU is a big fan of Big Bang’s Taeyang. Look how cute IU is when Taeyang showed up in the show.


  • Hani (EXID) & Junsu (JYJ)

Hani is a big fan of TVXQ since her school days and it is TVXQ who inspired her to become a K-POP star.“Junsu helped Hani make the right decisions when EXID experienced sudden changes after (the success of) Up and Down. He gave her the strength to focus on work. Junsu and Hani have been in a serious relationship since then,” Hani’s agency Yedang Entertainment said.


I think this is why idols exist and why idols should exist. Sometimes people think idols influence teenagers’ studying but from my point of view, idols inspire teenagers and set a good example for teenagers.



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