Groups that are underrated

By using the word “underrated”, I mean compared to their real strength, even though they might be already popular, they still deserve more.

The first group I would like to introduce is SPICA. This group is definitely belongs to first class group. But due to various elements, their popularity is always in a middle level. Such beautiful voices should not be wasted.

The second group is Block B. I guess most people know this group through Zico, who is the producer, leader and rapper of the group. Except Zico, P.O and Park Kyung are main rappers; Taeil is the main vocal; B-Bomb, Jaehyo and U-Kwon are also devloping their own careers. Their music style is very different from other groups’. However, because all the members are busy with their specialties, it has been nearly two years since their last Korean album.

The third group is SHINee. The group is absolutely popular and successful. The reason why I list the group in this post is because their strength is way more than what they have now. Because the debut time of the group is between Super Junior and EXO, it makes the group very hard to break through their status in the company and this leads to the difficulty of their development. Despite this, SHINee is the dreams of most of groups – they release awesome albums, they hold worldwide concerts and they produce solo albums.

The forth group is EXID. The group is one of the most famous girl groups in Korea now. You can never imagine how the group became famous – it all started with a fan camera. This YouTube video saved the group’s life and thanks to this video, EXID’s talented voice was not wasted. However, not every group has such luck. There are millions of fan camera videos on YouTube but only this video changed the life of a group. I don’t think this is just a coincidence. If you check the video, you will feel the strength and confidence of Hani, the member of EXID. I believe it is the group’s hard working and persistence that make them successful.



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