Is 2016 a year for girl groups’ shift? (Part 2)

In my first part of this post, I discussed the shift of rookie girl groups and senior girl groups. In this post, I will introduce 5 rookie girl groups.

  • Mamamoo

Mamamoo is not having a cute style and I think they are seniors in rookie girl groups. Their live is perfect and event though I put their Music Video here, I strongly recommend their lives in Immortal Songs.


  • Red Velvet

Red Velvet belongs to SM Entertainment. I think their style is very unique. They have very cute and beautiful faces but they dress very fashionably. Besides, they are good at powerful dancing and their live is very good as well.


  • Lovelyz

Red Velvet and Lovelyz debuted in the same year and during their debut year, they collaborated with each other on the stage. Lovelyz, as their names, consists of lovely girls. They have very cute style and their songs are very energetic.


  • Cosmic Girls

The group debuted recently. The group consists of 12 girls. Their style is very cute as well.


  • GFriend

I think GFriend is one of the most successful rookie new groups this year. Their theme is cute but their dancing is very powerful.


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