Is 2016 a year for girl groups’ shift? (Part 1)

It has been 7 years since Girl’s Generation released Gee. The song opened the world of the booming of girl groups. In the past 7 years, there are cool style groups such as 2NE1 and 4Miniute; there are sexy style groups like Brown Eyed Girls and Sistar; there are changeable style groups like Girl’s Generation and T-ARA. There is no doubt that these three styles almost hold the whole girl groups entertainment industry.

You might have already realized that there is one style left – yes, it is cute style, or known as school girl style. The main speciality of this style group is that they always have sunshine smile and they are very energetic.

From 2010, sexy style has become one of the most popular styles among girl groups. Many groups change their debut group style to sexy style. Some of them successfully get more popularity.

Maybe because sexy style has already controlled the girl groups industry for too long, recently cute and school girl style has become very popular and most of rookie girl groups debut with this energetic style.

If it is just about style changing of K-POP girl groups, it is not a big deal. What is more concerned is that some fans are considering that 2016 is the year that new girl groups will replace senior groups that debuted more than 5 years.

Earlier this year, rookie girl group GFriend came back with their new single Rough. The song reached top of the music show and it was their first time won the first prize. However, this was not the end. The song stayed first prize for a really long time and it helped girls win a lot of first prize.

Other rookie girl groups such as Lovelyz and Cosmic Girls are also taking their activities.

Obviously, rookie girl groups attract a lot of people’s attention. This is a good thing because K-POP industry needs new and fresh air. However, some senior groups are gradually disappearing. They didn’t disband but it has been a long time since they came back with new albums last time. K-POP industry is very strict and if the group is not active for a short time, it is possible that they lose some popularity.

I wish all the senior groups are doing well with their preparation of the new albums and they will come back soon.


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