Is Siwon oppa a handsome guy or a funny guy?

Yesterday I posted my memories with SUJU and since I watched a lot of videos last night, I have a lot of SUJU funny facts to talk about. Thus, I decide to continue my SUJU series posts.

When I just started my blog, I introduced member Ryeowook, who is the main vocal in the group. Instead of doing another post about main vocal, I will introduce the handsome (or funny) one – Choi Siwon.

Because Siwon oppa behaves very gentle and participates in many charity activities, members and fans call him “Siwon prince”. In the music videos and in their lives, oppa always performs like a cool man. If you just watch him sing songs, you must think he is very mysterious and strict. But when you check his Instagram or watch the shows he takes part in, you will find that oppa never takes himself too seriously. In the variety show, he keeps making jokes and makes the atmosphere high.

I am always confused about is Siwon more handsome or is he more funny?

Last year, he participated in Chinese version Korean variety show We are in love with the Chinese fashion model Liu Wen. In the show, Siwon oppa always says “Oppa can do anything” and takes care of Liu Wen.

In one episode, Liu Wen gave her opinion of Siwon:

“I always hated when he said this because I felt he didn’t think anything was that important. But then I knew that he does can do anything, including when I got sick days ago. Siwon helped call the doctors and went back home to prepare a blanket and a lamp for me. He has done a lot of detailed things. So I was really touched.”

Siwon oppa also explained why he always says “Oppa can do anything”:

“Because really I can do anything for her. All boys should be. Not in words, though, but actions. I felt those words were important from the beginning, so I said those words. In her eyes, my actions then were too flippant. Not only saying it, but also taking actions would be truthful. Only in that way would she trust me. In a word, actions speak louder than words.”

Siwon oppa’s responsible personality attracts a lot of audiences. I will give a point for “Siwon is more handsome!!!”

In the show, oppa is very gentle but at the same time, he is always joking around. Instead of the humor sense for variety shows, I think it is how he is like in daily life. Last year, Ryeowook and he played high key. I can’t stop laughing when Ryeowook tried so hard to reach fa (00:24)and ra (00:42) and my stomach hurts when Siwon makes that funny face at 00:34. Why can’t you guys be serious for 1 second?? I am so sorry, Korean wave super star, but I have to give a point for “more funny” side.

Siwon joined the military last November after he played a second leading character in the drama She was pretty. I am totally impressed with his expressive face. Where is my Mr. Simple? Where is your Sexy, Free & Single style? Congratulation on starting comedian career, oppa. Another point for “more funny”.

Also in the drama, oppa got his beard. I didn’t like the beard at the beginning but after a few episodes, all I want to say is: “Please don’t shave your beard!!” Oppa also sang a OST for the drama. The sad story for 99.9% of Korean drama second leading male character – you will never be with the leading female character at the end even though you can die for her. The song is a confession to leading female character and all the shots are the memories between Siwon and the female character. Love the song but feel sad for the character. One point for “handsome” here.

Well, turns out I still can’t tell is Siwon more handsome or more funny… but there is one thing I am sure – Siwon’s upright personality and optimistic attitude brings a lot of energy to fans. Check out Charisma Siwon’s interview in Hallyu World talk show.


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