Congratulations on your graduation, Jong Suk!!

Though Asians love double eyelid, this is just a regular rule for girls. If you watch Korean romantic dramas, you will notice that most of leading male characters are single eyelid. Single eyelid, white skin, taller than 185cm and long legs are basic standards for being a leading character.

Wait… I think I am not describing characters; I am describing the actor that I would like to talk about in today’s post. Just like his nickname “nation’s first love”, Lee Jong Suk is so many girls’ ideal type. Jong Suk posted his graduation photo on his Instagram, indicating that he will graduate with an achievement award from Konkuk University on 22rd February 2016.

Lee Jong Suk walked on the Seoul Collection catwalks in 2005 at the young age of 15, making him the youngest model at Seoul Collection program for Seoul Fashion Week.

But his initial dream was to become an actor. He joined in a male idol group because the agency promised that they would help him become an actor. However, the agency didn’t do it so Lee Jong Suk quitted.

The first time I knew Lee Jong Suk was in 2NE1’s I Don’t Care Music Video but I didn’t know his name at that time. It wasn’t until he played the main role in School 2013, that I knew him. In the drama, he and another main male character Kim Woo Bin showed their deep friendship. Outside the drama, both actors are also good friends since their modeling period.

Still in 2014, Lee Jong Suk played another leading character in the romantic drama I Hear Your Voice. Due to the successful viewership rating, the drama was extended by 2 episodes (Wikipedia). He played a high school student with the supernatural ability to read people’s minds by looking at their eyes. His relationship with the female lawyer character makes audience envious.

Lee Jong Suk’s realistic acting made his acting career more successful. In his value, the quality of the drama is more important than quantity of the drama. He keeps play one drama per year.

In 2014 and 2015, he played a doctor in Dr. Stranger and a journalist in Pinocchio. In order to have a more similar original character image, Lee Jong Suk gave up his handsome image and wore a wig in the drama.

Having rested for about a year, he decided to come back with a new Chinese drama in 2016. I can’t imagine his popularity when the new drama is on because he is already so famous in China.

Lee Jong Suk looks like a celebrity from the poster but in the real life, he acts like a child. I think this is also a point from which he can attract fans.



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