Diva Together

These four girls performed together at SBS Gayo Daejun 2015.

Normally, an idol group consists of at least one main vocal who is really good at singing. Recently those singing experts are participating in different music shows that can show their singing talents.

There are two music show programs I would like to introduce in today’s posts. The first one is called King of Masked Singer. There are 8 singers for every two episodes. Singers are given different masks during singing so no one knows who the singer is.

8 singers compete for the king of masked singer in two episodes and the final winner will wait for the next generation’s finalist. Then, two experts compete and one will becomes the latest winner.

Because audiences don’t know the identity of the singers, it increases the mystery of the show. This music show program also has high viewership rating.

The show invites solo artists and main vocals from the idol groups. Sandeul from B1A4, Kihyun from MONSTA X, Niel from Teen Top, Kangin from Super Junior are all getting involved into the show.

I list 4 female idols and here are the lives that they sing in the King of Masked Singer.

  • Eunji


  • Aliee


  • Luna


  • Solar

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