Radio Show Week 4 ~Cheese In the Trap~


This week’s topic is drama. We chose Cheese in the trap as our main discussing content. This drama is one of the most popular Korean dramas now. Since this is our radio topic, group members were recommended to watch this drama. One of the group members said she merely decided to watch the first episode, but then she can’t stop. The drama is really good and I would like to recommend it as well. (Click here to check why you should be watching Cheese In the Trap.)

Unlike many other unpractical romance Korean dramas, this drama is more realistic. Main characters have their own annoyances and troubles. They are worried about their future jobs; they have to take a few part-time jobs in order to earn some money; they have to manage the relationship with others and they are struggling with college lives… Just like what normal people do in everyday life.

In the radio show, we discussed several aspects. We started with “senior and junior”. In Asian culture, this is very common. Juniors need to do everything that people who are older or have a higher status ask, as well as respecting seniors and taking a bow when they meet seniors.

“Fashion” is another aspect we mentioned. A successful drama can always influence the fashion trend. I remember 2 years ago when My love from the stars became so popular, all the people were searching the cloths that main female character was wearing, her hairstyles and make-up tutorials. One funny fact is that when you search “cheese in the trap make-up tutorial” on YouTube, there are more make-up tutorials of the crazy unnie Baek In-Ha (but to be honest, I love Baek In-Ha this character and I would like to talk about her and the actress in the future) than the leading character Hong Seol. However this makes sense somehow – Hong Seoul doesn’t have a heavy make-up in the drama.

The drama is about college students and their lives. We are college students as well so sometimes we can find ourselves in the drama. One of the group members said she felt surprised when she watched the part when Hong Seol is doing the business presentation. Because what was shown on Hong Seol’s PPT was exactly what she learnt in her business lesson.

We also discussed why leading male character Yoo Jung has such a mysterious personality and why he never smiles. We have different ideas and guess but we don’t know what the truth is. I assume his earlier experience somehow results in his present personality.

I can’t wait to watch episode 11 and 12 but the drama was off this week so next two episodes will be on next Monday and Tuesday. I strongly recommend the drama and I hope you will enjoy the drama!



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