Is it worthy to work too hard and lead to health problem?

In my previous post I mentioned idols are working too hard and even if they are standing on the slippery stage, they are still trying very hard. Recently, two girl groups’ idols have their health problems.

The first one is Hyeri from Girl’s Day. The group is very active and Hyeri is also playing a role in Reply 1988. Too much work and pressure makes her health becomes sick and she had a high fever and headache on 6 March. She was sent to nearby hospital and later she was diagnosed Meningitis.

Another rising idol Hani from EXID also takes a rest because of health problem. EXID has been busy with their albums and many activities. Hani is also a constant on Korean variety show. She can’t get enough rest as there is too much work.

K-Pop idols’ health problem is always concerned and there are many disputes. It is a symbol of popularity if they are busy all the time but this will influence their lifestyles and rest.

I think entertainment companies should balance the work and the leisure for idols so that they are active in entertainment but they can have good rests at the same time.


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