Starting our radio show


From this term, media students are required to do a radio show every week. Rabi, Karin, Mithunya and I chose Korean entertainment as our radio topic.

Yesterday we had our first try. In the first session, we briefly introduced some K-POP idols and groups.

Beginning with PSY’s well-known “Gangnam Style”, Rabi introduced this most famous Korean celebrity. We also acquired new information when doing research – for example, “Gangnam Style” is still the most viewed video on YouTube while Adele’s “Hello” broke Psy’s record for the fastest song to achieve 1 billion views.

We also played several pop idols’ and groups’ catchy songs through YouTube. Even though I wasn’t controlling the volume, I have to admit that it is not an easy job to manage all the things at the same time. Especially when one song is about to finish in a second, the host will need to be ready to talk, turn on the mic, turn down the volume of music sound, and even click the pause button on the YouTube video as it might goes to another song directly.

Nevertheless, doing radio show is an interesting experience and I get the chance to communicate and share my ideas with my group mates. Though… I am considering that I should probably beg my group mates to forgive my poor and strange English every time before we start our radio show 😛





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