Meat in the trap

Earlier today I accidently opened a YouTube video and now I am deeply trapped in this four-minute long video. The video is a funny version of Cheese in the trap, which is produced by SNL Korea.

SNL Korea is adopted from American TV show Saturday Night Live. The Korean version started in 2011 and now they are in season 7. Most of the characters in the show are comedians or actors/actress but there are also idols who participate in the show. Two idol groups that I am familiar with are Brown Eyed Girls and SHINee.

Brown Eyed Girls is known for their mature style and their outgoing personality suit the show perfectly. I am a little bit surprised that members of SHINee are also participating in the show frequently. I can’t believe 7 years has passed since they sang Noona, you are so pretty.

The video I watched is a funny version of the most popular drama Cheese in the trap. At first all I feel about the video is that it is so funny!! But then I realize this is also an advertisement for Cheese in the trap because both variety show and the drama are produced by tvN.

In this video, mysterious Yoo Jung became a foodie who really loves meat and he keeps asking Hong Seoul to have dinner or brunch with him. Taemin, who plays Inho in the show, said he couldn’t play the piano after Yoo Jung hurt his hand (by biting his hand) but actually he plays the piano really well.

SNL Korea always produces funny versions of drama and I can’t stop watching these clips.



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