Idols need their personal life as well

It is uncommon that idols make their dating public and not even marriage. However, in 2014, Super Junior’s member Sungmin got married.

Many fans bring Singmin wish and his career is very bright. However, some idols are still under pressure because of dating. Many people believe that idols should never date and they should be positive forever when on the television. However, idols are normal people as well. They need privacy and personal life.

For idols who are in their early 20’s, I think it is okay to focus more on their work but there are idols who have been seniors and they deserve more privacy because they have already worked so hard for many years.

For example, Super Junior’s leader Lee Teuk is 32 this year but he still works very hard. Compared to other idols, Super Junior might have more privacy but many things are still limited. I think idols and fans should construct a more suitable relationship. Fans are not over-rely on idols and idols bring energy to fans.


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