The Little Prince, Ryeowook.

He said he is glad that his team member Kyuhyun won the first in the music show.

He said he knows the benefits of being in the group so he doesn’t expect to be a solo singer.

He is the one who released his first mini album since the group’s debut 11 years ago.

He is Ryeowook. He is the little prince in ELFs’ eyes.

I have to admit that Ryeowook is not as talkative (though Kyuhyun and him are both “evil” magnaes and hidden “sarcastic” idols…) as Leeteuk and Kangin; He doesn’t take part in as many variety shows as Eunhyuk or Donghae. But he always sings by his heart.

Instead of showing up on the TV and creating hot topics, he is more into doing Super Junior’s long-term radio show – Kiss the Radio, in which he has been a host for more than 4 years.

The reason why I am writing about him today is because he released his first mini album just a week ago. I strongly recommend the album – you will be touched after listening to his voice.

The lead single of the album, the little prince, is inspired by French author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry‘s novel “The Little Prince“. The genre is typically South Korean Ballad. Ryeowook’s voice suits this song so well. And most importantly, his live is absolutely perfect (click here to check mr removed version). Viewers leave the comments like “Ryeowook eats CDs!!” below his live video. There used to be haters who satirized that Super Junior was poor in singing. But now, no one says that again.

After 11 years’ hard work, Ryeowook is finally having his solo concert in Seoul and Tokyo.

As other elder team members of Super Junior who have already completed their duties in South Korea army, Ryeowook is about to go to the army this year or next year. This 2 years’ blankness is going to be long for ELFs, but I believe all the ELFs will be still there when Ryeowook comes back.


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